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Budget 2013: Facts & Figures


Skills and Training

65. Moving on to the issue of knowledgeable, creative and innovative human capital, training programmes will be developed to hone new skills in line with future needs of industry in a high-income and developed economy. For this purpose, RM3.7 billion will be allocated in 2013 to train students in technical and vocational fields.

66. Every year about 180,000 students graduate with diplomas and degrees from institutions of higher learning. To assist unemployed graduates, the Government will launch the Graduate Employability Blueprint by end-2012. The Blueprint will focus on strengthening the employability of graduates. In this regard, the Government will establish the Graduate Employability Taskforce with an allocation of RM200 million.

67. The Government has implemented the 1Malaysia Training Scheme Programme, also known as SL1M, to increase employability of graduates through soft skills training and on-the-job-training in private companies through double deduction on expenses incurred by the companies. This incentive is effective from 1 June 2012 until 31 December 2016.

68. The Government will allocate RM440 million to the Skills Development Fund Corporation (PTPK), to provide loans for trainees to undergo skills training. This measure will benefit nearly 40,000 trainees undertaking the Malaysia Skill Certificate Level One to Five. The Government will allocate RM366 million to upgrade as well as purchase equipment for Industrial Training Institutes and National Youth Vocational Institutes (IKBN).

69. In line with the objective to transform the country’s key industries towards high technology, innovation and high income, various skills training programmes will be implemented. Towards this, focus will be given to create a professional and talented workforce in selected industries, including oil and gas, shipping, ICT, creative and biotechnology. In 2013, about 5,000 trainees are expected to enrol in these programmes. Additionally, PETRONAS will utilise IKBN in Pengerang, Johor to train 300 youths for the oil and gas sector by end of 2012 to meet the needs of the RAPID project.

70. The Government is aware of the plight of poor Malaysian Indian students in the estates who do not achieve good results in examination and are unable to find jobs. In line with this, the Government will allocate RM50 million to train 3,200 Malaysian Indian students in the estates to equip them with skills in line with market demand. The training will be conducted by Industrial Training Institutes and colleges under the Dual National Training Scheme.

Comment: Looks good but hope no more big leakages eg equipment that cost RM 1,000 (market price) is invoiced for RM 4-5K that has happened in the past!

Source: The Star Online – 29th Sept 2012

Vocational education mooted as girls leave behind ‘lost boys’

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 24 — Putrajaya has launched a pilot programme for vocational training in a bid to narrow the education divide between both sexes as girls continue to outnumber and outshine boys in secondary school. Singapore’s Straits Times (ST) reported today the government’s “taster programme” was this year introduced in 15 schools to “expose academically weak male pupils starting from the age of 13 to vocational skills in areas such as carpentry and electrical wiring” and as a means to keep them in schools. “We are trying to catch potential dropouts before they fall out of the system,” Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong was quoted as saying by the Straits Times today. He added those in the scheme earn certificates for each year of study completed, with the Form Four certificate being the vocational equivalent of the usual Form Five school certificate. The ST report said its purpose was to teach these “lost boys” work and life skills, and keep them in school long enough that they do not end up on the streets. The “lost boys” phenomenon was raised in the preliminary National Education Blueprint launched this month which warned of the risk of creating a “community of educationally marginalised young Malaysian men”. Referring to the blueprint, the ST article noted reports on interviews with parents and teachers suggest that some boys struggle with mainstream academic curricula and would benefit from vocational training. This in turn reflected UNICEF’s report last year that from 2005 to 2009, 34 per cent of 500,000 primary pupils a year in Malaysia did not move on to secondary school. Most were boys, with 85 per cent from poor families. Girls now make up 70 per cent of intake at some major universities and performed better in school examinations from primary school onwards. Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) educationist Dr Abdul Jalil Ali said shifting towards vocational education could be one way to ensure that all young Malaysians learn some useful skills. “Not everyone thrives in the academic world. The country also needs highly skilled workers,” he told the ST. However, he explained the government now needs to review teaching methods to keep boys interested as research has shown that girls and boys learn differently — girls tend to learn well in classrooms while boys are less likely to enjoy passive learning.

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