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141214 fI Smart Educare has been organising PP-PPD/PP-PPT/PPL induction course without fail almost on a monthly or bi-monthly basis since 2001. Therefore, it is estimated that more than a thousand of candidates has gone through the various induction courses organised by I Smart Educare for the past 16 years and still counting strong!

Also, since the introduction of VTO (Vocational Training Officer) course in 2004, I Smart Educare has also successfully organised many sessions. Now known as Vocational Training Operation, we’re the 1st Malaysian JPK Accredited Training Centre (Pusat Bertauliah)┬áto be accredited for the new code & have intake.

We believe that we are able to sustain till today (all those that started out together with us are no more doing this) is because of our honesty & value added services provided to our clients, helping some of them to save substantially with proper consultations (whether it’s about getting the centre accredited or personnels certified as PP, PPD or PPB by getting the necessary SKM & VTO qualifications).

So whenever you think of getting your centre being accredited by JPK, sending your staffs for PP-PPD induction courses or VTO, sourcing for learning materials like WIM, Assessments etc, you MUST come to us (for FREE advice or otherwise) before you part away with your hard earned $$.

There has been too many cases of cheating out there, from fake induction course certificate to subpar consultation or misleading information given.
We will do our best to educate our prospects and customers so that they are not too ignorant to be an easy victim of these con-artist!

So call us now to register yourself or your trainers for PP-PPD, PP-PPT or PPL induction course. Also, VTO intake is about 2 times a year plus any additional in-house requests.

# We are the longest & most consistent organizer (for induction course & VTO) with reasonably great track records.

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