Our Courses & Services

1. Induction Courses – PP-PPD/PP-PPT/PPL
(Good news, we have a proprietary technique to help you pass the exam! Exclusively applicable to sessions organised directly by I Smart Educare)

PP-PPD-PPB: 3-4 March (Kepong), 5-6 May
PP-PPT: 24-25 March 2018 (Kepong), 6-7 April 2018 (JB)
PPL: 12-13 May (must passed PP-PPD-PPB induction course first)

Limited to 40pax only

Fees: RM350 (include morning tea break & lunch, notes & cert from JPK)
Bank: Maybank 514589203020, I Smart Educare

2. Vocational Training Operation (VTO) I-031-3:2014 Course

Future intakes (part time, weekend classes only):
Jan/Feb 2018

3. JPK Accredited Centre License & International School License Consultation

4. SKM-PPT Consultation (limited programs)

5. Supply of NOSS (limited programs)

6. Sourcing of Written Instructional Materials – WIM (subject to availability)

a) Pusat Bertauliah JPK
For sale:
1) PB in Perak @ RM320K (with PTPK quota) – Electrical
2) PB in Johor @ RM200K (not registered with PTPK) – IT
3) PB in KL @ RM330K (no premise) – 2 courses
4) PB in Sabah @ RM900K – 3 courses
5) PB in Selangor @ RM650K (2018 PTPK quota worth RM200K) – Food Preparation

To buy:
1) PB in automotive

b) IPTS license
For sale:
1) Pahang @ RM1.5million
2) Johor, Perak, Penang, WP, Selangor (From 4 million onwards)

To buy:
1) Perak
2) Klang Valley

c) International Schools (Ready SELLER!)
Various locations (RM30-250 million)

We are NOT A Recruitment Company, so don’t ask us to look for trainer or PP/PPD/PPB. We only do it for our regular customers on a case to case basis or if the reward is lucrative 🙂

21 thoughts on “Our Courses & Services

  1. Yuen Wah, very sorry, only realised just a while that I have over 100 comments not being moderated but mainly spam comments.

    May I know you’re from which state?

  2. I am interested in attending PP-PPD class. Please inform when is the next class in Kuching or KL and how do l register for the course.
    Thank you

  3. I am are looking for this

    Kitchen / Cooking

    L-041-2 2 Penyedia Makanan Demi Chef
    L-041-3 3 Penyelia / Ketua Seksyen Penyediaan Makanan Chef De Partie

    • Mohana, lebih senang kalau kamu nyatakan kursus apa yg kamu nak ambil, ataupun beritahu kami apa yang kamu nak capai supaya kami boleh nasihati langkah seterusnya.

  4. Saya ada sijil tahap 2 dan ingin buat PPT utk tahap seterusnya dlm kursus multimedia. Adakah di sini ada program utk tujuan itu?

      • Thanks.

        From the PPT process was my previous job confirmation letter enough to prove i have work experience?

        Do i need to be currently employed to be eligible to apply PPT?

        • Yes KY, previous job confirmation letter is enough (for no of years of experience). The rest of evidence would depend on what documents you have. Anyway, this is L5, am not very familiar with what kind of project paper you need to do.

          • Thanks, I already did my research on that and i have my own brief idea about how to go about it.

            There literature 🙂

  5. Hi..saya graduan chem eng..saya ingin mengambil sijil skm dan selanjutnya vto etc..Ada ke pusat bertauliah swasta/awam yg mengendalikan kursus ini secara separuh masa?

    • Salam Zul, anda kena ada pengalaman kerja untuk mohon sijil SKM secara PPT.
      Untuk VTO separa masa pula, anda boleh hubungi kami di 012-3123430.

  6. Slmt Ptg..

    Anak sy telah tamat SKM Dandanan Rambut Tahap 2 dan ingin melanjutkan kemahiran ke Tahap 3. Adakah pusat bertauliah awam yg mengendalikan kursus tersebut. Adakah CIAST turut menawarkannya.

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