8 Reasons Why Customers DO Business with us

1) We’re the SPECIALIST, who DOES NOT offer any other SKM program except VTO & various induction courses, that DOES NOT compete with your business.
2) Longest record of any company organising JPK induction courses (We are THE ONLY ONE still around since 2001) – At least you know we’re not the HIT & RUN type.
3) High passing records – Basically almost 100% (so far, less than 1% fail, out of >1,000 candidates that has gone through with us) – Unless you’re illiterate, didn’t pay attention or didn’t seat for the exam, it’s highly unlikely you can FAIL!
4) NEVER postpone our PP-PPD Induction course due to insufficient candidates (even during BERSIH rally!). That means you will have a peace of mind booking your bus or air tickets (yes, some of our clients fly from Sabah & Sarawak, Kelantan, Terenngganu, Johor & Kedah)
5) FREE Consultation/Advise – Most of the time, we would just advise our clients on matters related to JPK accreditation without any charges, helping some of them to save substantially with proper consultations, where most of the time is free of charge (if no paper work & running work is done).
6) Multi-channel contact: Whether it’s by a phone call, email, whatsapp or Facebook, we’re accessible via all these channels. We usually respond within 24-48 hours from the time of your enquiry.
7) Multi-lingual – We’re one of the very few companies that can converse in 3 major languages, BM, English & Mandarin/Cantonese – So if you can’t speak good English or BM, don’t worry, we can help to advise you in Mandarin/Cantonese too!
8) NO GST! How nice is that especially when so many other stuffs we pay 6% tax that GOD knows go where??

CONTACT US NOW (yes, via any of your preferred way of communication) to see how we can be of service to you. Safe & save when you do business with us ­čÖé


4 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I would like to request for the SLDN level 1 for being beautician. Kindly provide me more info for this matters. Thanks you.

  2. Saya nk tanya ni, Sy blajar di kolej vokasional…Selepas sy dpt DKM boleh x smbung bt VTO ..atau perlu pengalaman kerja dahulu??

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