Attain professional diplomas in business leadership or hospitality leadership at BTVET

Students interested in attaining globally recognised American professional business and hospitality qualifications can now apply for the Professional Diploma in International Business Leadership or Professional Diploma in Hospitality Leadership courses at BERJAYA TVET College (BTVET).

BTVET is the first vocational and professional institution to offer American Hospitality Academy (AHA) professional diploma certification courses in Malaysia.

Both these courses address concerns related to leadership, cultural diversity, technology and interpersonal skills, all which are vital skills needed in the global workplace. Those who sign up will have an edge as they will learn to develop skills in leadership and management, attain positive attitudes and work ethics, and grow a sense of responsibility and desire to excel towards becoming effective business communicators with multicultural supervisory capabilities.

On completion of the courses, students will be able to play their roles in the workforce in a professional manner and deliver quality products and/or services, while inspiring and motivating industry peers. They can look forward to working in a diverse working environment among employees from different backgrounds and cultures, and successfully lead the pack in today’s business and hospitality climate that is characterised by rapid change and globalisation.

Graduating students can expect to receive a certificate from both AHA and BTVET for each module. They will also be awarded an overall Professional Diploma on completion of all specified modules.

Said BTVET president, Kanendran T. Arulrajah: “AHA’s Professional Diplomas develop industry leaders to lead people to do the right thing, the right and effective way. It also recognises the importance in inspiring and motivating people of various backgrounds to achieve common business and hospitality goals.”

The collaborative effort between BTVET and AHA is said to resonate with a quote from John Quincy Adams – “If your action inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.”

Henceforth, you may reach us at or express your interest here, no obligation.

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