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PB Antarabangsa & IPTS (dengan lesen KDN) untuk Dijual – Selangor

  • Lesen PB JPK (bidang jahitan wanita, SKM1 hingga DKM) tamat Dis 2020. Ada kuota tabung PTPK untuk 25 setiap Tahap.
  • Lesen PB Antarabangsa tamat Okt 2021.
  • Harga: RM900K+-
Image result for menjahit telekung marrie fashion
Image result for menjahit telekung marrie fashion
Penjahitan telekung
  • Lesen IPTS (dengan KDN) yang ada program diploma pengurusan perniagaan, akaun, bakeri… dengan KDN.
  • Harga RM9 juta termasuk peralatan
Image result for mib baking school
Certificate & Diploma in Baking also available
Image result for diploma in accounting mib
Diploma in Business Management
Image result for diploma in business management mib
Diploma in Event Management

Jika anda berminat (dan ada bajet sahaja) baru hubungi min.

Klang Valley IPTS License for Sale (Latest Listing)

  1. RM1.8million (20,000 sf premise)
    Programs: 11 programs but only 5 active
    Foundation in science
    Diploma in accounting
    Diploma in criminal forensics
    Diploma in business management
    Diploma in policing investigation

    Full facilities for all programs
    Renewal in 2022
    Paid up capital is 1million
    Registered with HRDF
    PTPN available
    KDN can be renewed (additional cost)
    0 students and staff
    No debts
  2. RM5 million (1 IPTS + 2 JPK license/locations)

    Full facilities for all programs
    Renewal in 202?
    PTPN available
    KDN inspection done on 30/9, waiting for approval
    RM1 million debt
Skills Based – SKM/DKM; Acaemic Based – MQA

3. RM9 million

Diploma in baking
Diploma in culinary art
Diploma in accounting
Diploma in event management
Diploma in international business management
Certificate in international business management

Full facilities for all programs
Renewal in 202?
PTPN available
KDN license

More listings required as there are quite a number of enquiries.

Kolej TVET/PB JPK di Selangor/KL/Perak Untuk Dijual

  1. Pusat Bertauliah (PB) di Selangor berdaftar dgn Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK) untuk dijual:

    a) Harga RM 2X0,000 (Jual semua termasuk WIM, peralatan & PP/PPD)
    – Pendaftaran Perbadanan Tabung Pembangunan Kemahiran (PTPK) sehingga 2020
    – Peruntukan Kuota Dana TVET PTPK Tahun 2019 (Jumlah nilai RM 300k) bagi 50 quota
    Kursus Computer Networking dan Corporate Secretaryship (2&3)
    Kemudahan – 3 classrooms, 1 computer lab with 25 computers, Computer repair room, library, pantry, staff room and surau.

    b) Harga RM 1X0,000 (Jual semua termasuk WIM, peralatan & PP/PPD)
    – Pendaftaran Perbadanan Tabung Pembangunan Kemahiran (PTPK) sehingga Dis 2020
    – Pendaftaran JPK sehingga Julai 2021
    – Lesen KDN tamat Sept 2018
    – Peruntukan Kuota Dana TVET PTPK Tahun 2019 bagi 25 quota setiap Tahap
    Kursus Kecantikan (2&3)
  2. Pusat Bertauliah (PB) di KL berdaftar dgn Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK) untuk dijual:

    a) Harga RM X,000,000 (Jual semua termasuk WIM, peralatan & PP/PPD)
    – Pendaftaran JPK & Perbadanan Tabung Pembangunan Kemahiran (PTPK) sehingga 2019/2020
    – Peruntukan Kuota Dana TVET PTPK Tahun 2019 (25 kuota untuk hampir setiap Tahap, 4 program)
    – Lesen KDN tamat Jan 2017
    Kursus Penyediaan Makanan (2,34) , Pengurusan Pejabat (2,34) , F&B (2,34) dan Komputer Sistem (3&4)

b) Harga RM X0,000 (cuma lesen & WIM shj, tiada premis & PP/PPD)
– Pendaftaran JPK sehingga Nov 2020
Kursus Pengurusan Pejabat (2&3) & Setiausaha Korporat (3&4)

3. Pusat Bertauliah (PB) di Perak berdaftar dgn Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK) untuk dijual:

a) Harga RM X0,000 (cuma lesen & WIM shj, tiada premis & PP/PPD)
– Pendaftaran JPK sehingga Okt 2022
Kursus Artis Multimedia – Visual  (2 shj)

Ada juga lesen IPTS untuk dijual.

Sila hubungi/whatsapp 012-3123430 untuk pertanyaan lanjut.

TVET/JPK centres for sales (new listing) – Selangor

Photo Credit: NegativeSpace

Yes, if you’ve been looking for a JPK licence (Pusat Bertauliah JPK) to buy, now is your opportunity especially since it’s in Selangor (can’t transfer to other state).
It comes with PTPK quota!! And I can guarantee you it’s really worth the price.

Call 012-3123430 or email us at ismarteducare [at] gmail [dot] com
NOW should you be looking to run either aesthethic, corporate secretaryship AND computer networking.

Kolej TVET di Pulau Pinang untuk Dijual

Pusat Bertauliah (PB) berdaftar dgn Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK) 
– Pendaftaran penuh sah sehingga 2020
– Pendaftaran Perbadanan Tabung Pembangunan Kemahiran (PTPK) sehingga 2021
– Pendaftaran Kementrian Kewangan & Taraf Bumiputera masih sah sehingga 2021
– Peruntukan Kuota Dana TVET PTPK Tahun 2019 (Jumlah nilai RM350K)
– Memorandum Persefahaman (MoU) dengan Industri & Jaminan Penempatan Pekerjaan

Kursus yg berdaftar :
1. Juruteknik Elektronik Industri (Peralatan)
– EE-021-2-2012
– EE-021-3-2012
2. Juruteknik Rangkaian Komputer
– IT- 030-3-2013

Berminat (serious buyer only) sila emel ke

TVET/JPK centres for sales (new listing) – Selangor, Negeri Sembilan & Perak

If you have been longing to fastrack to own a TVET/JPK Accredited training centre, especially in Selangor & Perak state, now is your chance to secure it for slightly less than 6 figures (almost unheard of during good times).

Visit Our Services Page to view a complete listing of what’s on offer (IPTS as well)

Local students wanted for TVET programme


THE world’s largest concrete machinery company is keen on training young Malaysians under the Fourth Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Sany Group Co Ltd managing director Keade Wang said China’s biggest construction machinery manufacturer exports to 150 countries, has three industrial building system (IBS) factories here, and is looking to expand. Plans are underway to develop a heavy machinery industrial plant in Kedah, and it wants to work with the Education Ministry to transfer its technology and train our students under the TVET programme.

“Sany Polytechnic College, which is over a decade old, is owned by the Group. We’re in talks with the ministry and a local Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institution, to train Malaysian students and place them in Sany Group branches worldwide.

“We’re hoping to get the green light from the ministry soon for our Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) aligned syllabus to be used. We need TVET workers and we want Malaysians because they’re multilingual. Those successfully trained by the Group can even work in our plants overseas.

Three months ago, Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik said Chinese firms want to sponsor TVET students.

He had that said there would be more TVET scholarship and training opportunities for Malaysian students in education institutions and companies in China, The Star reported.

Sany was among the Chinese companies which met him and ministry representatives to discuss preparing Malaysians who graduated from technical and vocational education and training to face the challenging international industry.

A joint-venture with local property developers will see Sany needing more of “the right workers”, said Sany Construction Industry Development director Chang Bar Kuei.

He said its design, production, installation, education, and equipment, are in line with the country’s CIDB requirements.

“It doesn’t make monetary sense to replace the entire process with machines and automation because it would make homes unaffordable.

“So TVET graduates don’t have to worry about being jobless. But, we’re selective about who we train because the right attitude is important.

“No point transferring knowledge and skill to someone who isn’t serious about the industry.

“That’s why our potential trainees must all undergo an interview process,” said Chang.

Dr Maszlee, he said, had visited Sany Polytechnic College last year, to understand the college’s focus on both theory and practical.

“This dual focus is important because students must be able to communicate and interact with others when they start working.

“The TVET workers we’ve seen so far lack confidence because the skills they bring to the industry is irrelevant. So we’re facing a shortage of quality operators.

“We want to make sure that the students we train have sound technical, and soft skills, so that they can work anywhere in the world.”

Chang said a relevant TVET syllabus is critical in ensuring that graduates are paid fairly.

Instead of cheap foreign labour, Sany, he said, preferred to pay young Malaysians who are serious about their careers.

“A TVET graduate can earn between RM3,000 and RM4,000 if their syllabus is industry-relevant. For example, our troubleshooting is all computer-run so we can’t get someone who only knows hardware,” he said, adding that Sany is willing to work closely with the Government on its TVET policies.

Sany has also engaged with the National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) to identify potential trainees.

NUTP secretary-general Harry Tan said TVET and varsity graduates must be given equal recognition.

“Our TVET graduates aren’t paid enough. But then again, for them to be hired and to get a good salary, they must be trained in skills that the industry want – not the current syllabus. If the Government is serious about TVET, it has to get its act together – fast.”

On Dec 28, The Star’s exclusive highlighted concerns over the outdated TVET syllabus, and plans by industry leaders to chart the way forward. The newly formed “Industry Lead Bodies” would ensure that Malaysia’s TVET was on par with developed nations like Australia and Canada.

Two months ago, the mid-term review of the 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP) – a five-year development plan for the country from 2016-2020 – was tabled at the Dewan Rakyat by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The report found that the intake of TVET students has increased and though classified as technologists, graduates are not recognised as professionals with the bargaining power to demand higher wages.


Comment: Yes, selecting the candidate with right attitude is VERY VERY important. A candidate with right attitude like passion in the subject matter and willingness to keep on learning (should be lifelong) other skills & knowledge is far more important than just being skillful in one particular subject matter but having a lousy attitude (in their work or their learning)

TVET centre (Pusat Bertauliah JPK) in NS for SALE

This is the latest TVET centre for sale on offer (refer to for complete list)

1. NS (IPTS license also available for sale)

Code: FB-025-3:2013 (4 Star)
Program: Corporate Executive Secretaryship
Current students: 12
2018 PTPK quota: 25
Code: EE-320-2:2012
Program: Electrical – Single Phase
Current students: 24
2018 PTPK quota: 20

Rental expiring Jun 2019 (3 lots – RM7,800)
Note: Some liabilities/debts

Update: No PTPK quota

CALL 012-3123430 or email NOW before it’s gone

Syllabus is outdated, say teachers

KUALA LUMPUR: Teachers have voiced their concern that technical and vocational graduates will end up unemployed unless the syllabus is made more relevant.

Feedback from Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) teachers was that the syllabus is outdated, said National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) secretary-general Harry Tan.

He cited the case of a company, which is on the Forbes Global 2000 List, that had approached NUTP to help identify students they could train, and later hire.

As it turned out, the company could not hire existing TVET graduates because they would not have been able to operate the latest machines.

“This is a major player in the construction industry and their feedback is that our TVET syllabus is obsolete.

“They want students with the know-how and they’re willing to train them,” he said in an interview.

Tan also called for a “solid” TVET policy to be in place fast.

NUTP, he said, had identified 20 students to be trained by the China company but this had been hampered by red tape.

“It’s been almost six months since the company mooted its proposal,” he said.

“The government must get its act together. There are too many ministries involved.”

Currently, seven ministries are overseeing TVET.

(A coordination committee has been approved by the Cabinet to coordinate TVET activities between the ministries. Separately, a TVET task force formerly headed by Nurul Izzah Anwar has suggested that a special commission coordinate the TVET implementation be set up.)

National Parent-Teacher Associations’ Vocational and Technical Consultative Council vice-chairman Abul Nasir also spoke of “outdated” TVET syllabus.

Whatever changes that have been made, he said, were insignificant in the grander scheme of things.

“TVET should be 70% machine using and practical training, and 30% for theory, where the 30% must come from the industry.

“Students need the machines to train but at this point in time, it isn’t happening because there is no sync between the vocational colleges and training institutes with the industry,” he said.

He also stressed that incentives are vital for tie-ups between TVET institutes and the industry.

Echoing feedback from teachers on outdated syllabus, National TVET Movement secretary-general Nordin Abdul Malek attributed this to poor planning.

“Not only in terms of facilities and technology, but other factors like soft skills and employment trends are not planned out well,” he said.

On Nov 16, Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik said TVET was given emphasis during the Mid-Term review of the 11th Malaysia Plan 2016-2020 and Budget 2019.

Penangguhan Kelulusan Kuota PTPK 2018

 Kebanyakan PB JPK masih belum dapat kuota untuk 2018. PB anda dah dapat ke?

Jika anda nak beil PB JPK yg dah dapat kuota untuk 2018, ada 1 kat Selangor, kursus penyediaan makanan Tahap 2&3, 25*RM8K = RM200K.

Harga jualan RM650K, kalau tiada bajet ni, boleh beli PB yg jalankan program lain tapi tiada PTPK.
Ataupun kalau nak khidmat runding untuk mohon PB baru, kami juga boleh bantu.

Kalau berminat, boleh hubungi Melvin di 012-3123430