Minimum wage based on sector for implementation in two years: Kula Segaran

IPOH: The implementation of the minimum wage according to sectors will only be implemented at the earliest, in two years, said Human Resources Minister M. Kula Segaran.

He said according to the National Wages Consultative Council Act (NWCC) 2011, a review of the minimum wage should be carried out every two years.

“Many people are unaware that that matters on wages are determined by a committee (National Wage Legislative Technical Committee), the minister has no power.

“Before the implementation of the minimum wage of RM1,100, discussions were held to cover all aspects, but according to the NWCC Act 2011, the matter will be reviewed and it is for later, not for now,“ he added.

He was speaking to reporters after the Meet & Greet Session at the Satria 4.0 & TVET (Technical Vocational Education and Training) Seminar 2019 at the Ipoh Industrial Training Institute in Meru.

Last Monday, media reports had said that the government would review the minimum wage rates according to job sectors.

Meanwhile, in his speech at the event, Kula, who is MP for Ipoh Barat, told the trainees that those who possessed TVET qualifications had bright career prospects, including in the film industry.

Source: Bernama

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