WIM (Written Instructional Material)

WIM (Written Instructional Material)

WIM – Purpose

Firstly, let’s see what’s the purpose of WIM.

1. WIM serves as the main learning material in the teaching & learning process
2. Ensure learning outcome in each Competency Unit – CU has been achieved
3. Assist lecturer to build self-confidence and prepared to conduct teaching session.

You may have a look at the WIM documents samples:

WIM - Jadual Pembahagian Teori

WIM - Jadual Pembahagian WIM AmaliWIM - Jadual Pembahagian KAPA

WIM - Jadual Pembahagian Masa Pembelajaran Bersemuka


You can either self develop (recommended) based on the standards specified under the NOSS but it takes quite some time. But, if you need it fast, you may outsource.

However, you need the knowledge and skills to develop WIM. You can either acquire it via a 5 days training or learn it as part of your VTO certification, one of the pre-requisite to be appointed as an assessor (PP).

It is not easy to develop, therefore the price will not come cheap.
(If you want us to quote you, please tell us for VTO internship purpose or applying for new program/centre) so that we can source/quote accordingly.

Remark: Please check the WIM that has been developed by JPK.  In other words, you can request for FREE (usually limited to IS/AS & WS only & updated to latest format)

We are constantly sourcing for suppliers of WIM’s of other programs not listed here.
Even if it’s listed here, you can try to quote us if you think your price is competitive.
When you quote, kindly provide the following details:
1. What is included besides IS/WS/AS, KA & PA (any Lesson Plan, timetable etc)
2. What language (BM, BI or rojak)
3. Email one (1) sample module for us to consider. We need to show the quality of work to prospective clients before the client can decide to negotiate further or confirm the order.

Most importantly, DO NOT ask what’s the budget provided, you WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED

Tujuan WIM

1.Menjadi bahan pembelajaran utama dalam proses pengajaran dan pembelajaran
2.Memastikan learning outcome di dalam unit kompetensi (Competency Unit – CU) yang ditetapkan tercapai
3.Membantu pengajar membina keyakinan diri dan bersedia untuk melaksanakan sesi pengajaran

Memandangkan ramai pembaca yang tidak baca betul-betul, saya ingin menegaskan bahawa WIM BUKAN PERCUMA (kecuali sesetengah WIM program tertentu, tapi terhad & tak lengkap, boleh dimohon dgn JPK). 

Anda boleh belajar cara membangunkan WIM dalam masa 5 hari ataupun belajarnya dalam kursus VTO, salah satu pra-syarat lantikan sebagai pegawai penilai (PP).

1. MP-060-2/3:2013 (Latest Updated Version – English) (Aesthethic)
2. MP-061-3:2012 (Spa – English only)
3. MP-080-3:2011 (Ear, Hand & Foot Reflexology)
4. MP-081-3:2011 (Aromatherapy)
Sample: CoCu 1 – Essential Oil Handling
4. MP-082-3:2011 (Massage Therapy)
Sample: CoCu 2 Half Body Massage
5. HT-090-2/3:2012 (Hairdressing)
6. MP-062-3:2012 (Nail Artistry)
7. IT-020-3/4:2013 (Computer System)
8. IT-030-3/4:2013 (Computer Network Services/Administration)
9. FB-024-2/3/4:2012 (Office Administration)
10. BC-050-3:2013 (Architectural Drafting)
11. HT-110-3:2011 (Guest Service Operation)
Sample: Work Sheet 2 Cocu 1/Information Sheet 1/Cocu 1/Assignment Sheet 11 Cocu
12. HT-013:2/3:2011 (Bakery Production)
13. HT-014-2/3:2011 (Pastry Production)
14. HT-050-1/2 (Chambermaid)
15. HT-010-2/3:2012 (F&B Waiter)
16. HT-012-2/3:2012 (Food Preparation & Production)
17. HT-014-2/3:2011 (Pastry Production)
18. Z-009 (Core Abilities)
19. ME-020-2/3:2012 (PeralatanPenyamananUdara HVAC -SatuFasa/PenyeliaanPemasangan&Penyelenggaraan HVAC)
21. FB-100-3:2012 (Accounting)
23. MC-024-3/4:2012 (Welding)
24. TA-011-1/2/3:2012 (Ladies Dressmaking)
25. IT-050-2 (Artis Multimedia – Visual)
26. IT-060-3 (Perekabentuk Multimedia – Animasi & Visual)
27. CC-011-3:2012 Pendidikan & Penjagaan Awal Kanak-Kanak
28. MP-063-2/3 (Makeup Artistry)
29. MC-024-4:2012 Pengurusan Teknologi Kimpalan
30. MC-080-3:2013 Mechanical Draughtsmanship
31. FB-081-4/5:2012 Information Systems Administration/Management
32. TP-300-2/3:2013 Automotive After Sales Servicing
33. TP-300-4/5 Automotive-After Sales Service Executive/Manager
34. TP-307-2:2012 Commercial Vehicle Servicing & Maintenance