How to convert your work experience into a goverment recognized skill certification?

Have you been in the cosmetology industry for many years but did not have any formal training or education, hence no proper certification? Do you plan to open up a salon or spa but do not have a government recognized certification to support your application?

Are you also facing the following problems?

  • Can't find a job without a recognized certification
  • Wanted to apply for a business premise license but has been rejected by the local authority.
  • Do not have customer's confidence in you because of no recognized certification
  • Low self-esteem, inferior feeling compared to those with certification

Is your work experience recognized by your employer?

You have been in the cosmetology industry for many years and have a lots of experience, yet your income has remained flattish for so many years, don't you feel frustrated? !

Who should join?

 - Cosmetology personnels who wants to:

  • Enhance their status
  • Earn extra income
  • Expand buisness opportunity
  • Setup a beauty salon/ spa/ cosmetology academy
  • Be appointed by government as industry expert (assessor/ verifier for vocational training institution)
  • be a certified cosmetology instructor and assessor

A recognized certificate is a passport to transform your life!

We can help you!
We have been in the industry for 17 years, successfully organised hundreds of courses in helping skill personnels from various industries, expecially from cosmetology in achieving their skill certification becoming a trainer/ assessor/ verifier and national industry expert. We are also one of the expericenced consultant in helping customers obtaining training center accreditation from the Department of Skill Development (JPK).