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HELLO. CANNOT. What You CANNOT do if you fail SPM



Now, since GSC admin said this phrase “HELLO. CANNOT.” and popularized by netizens, let’s see what you CANNOT do if you fail SPM.

1. Generally, you are not able to work in any government agency@appointed to any government position as most of it requires a min pass in SPM or equivalent, except for very few positions that only require PMR/PT3 or talents.

Fail SPM - No Government Job at SPA

2. You CANNOT further your study directly to an MQA accredited diploma program in higher education institutions. However, there are few other options for you to further study, to be shared later.

3. You CANNOT be an air stewardess/steward@cabin crew@flight attendant. As I know, SPM is a MUST. Not sure things have change or not.

Fail SPM - CANNOT be Cabin Crew

4. Your chances of employment in Singapore is at a disadvantage as the government of SG requires a min in SPM or equivalent for employers to hire you at a lower levy. Here are some figures for you (2016 data)
If foreign workers account for 25-40% of your company, and if you don’t have SPM, then the levy would be S$700. 10-25% would bring it to S$550, and those below 10% would be S$420. (With SPM, the amount would be cut by S$100, and so on) – according to Verna Ling, a Malaysian’s experience working in Singapore.

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How to Overcome it?

1. Well, if you really insist to be in the public sector@government servant, you only have once choice. Resit for whichever paper that you failed in your SPM (usually it is BM or Sejarah). My personal opinion, just forget about it. Be a freelancer, self made entrepreneur or join the private sector. Work harder in the field that you like, it should be more rewarding than being a ‘clean’ government servant.

2. This is the core of this website’s focus, skills/TVET education. Further study options if you fail SPM in BM version can be found here. So, what can you do if fail SPM?

a) Take up a skills/TVET program that you have interest/good at.
Eg. you may like cooking, repairing electronic items at home, heavy interest with cars and it’s mechanics. So naturally, courses that suits you could be culinary, industrial electronics and automotive technicians respectively. You could still have a good career, if not brighter than those academic graduates.

b) So what’s next after getting skills certificate@Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM)? Good news is that you can also further to an executive degree or academic Bachelor or Masters degree later in life.

c) With SKM, the world is yours. Not just Singapore, you will be surprised that it’s widely accepted worldwide, by countries like UAE, China, Australia (basically Commonwealth countries)

d) If you don’t intend or have the heart to study now, no problem. You may work for few years first to gain industry experience and when ready to further study, you may take up APEL A examination to gain entry to study Bachelors (21 yeas old and above) or Masters Degree (30 yeas old and above) at selected University.

Graduan DVM perlu pengecualian lulus SPM Sejarah? Laluan DVM ke IPT

Apakah laluan graduan DVM ke IPT sekarang?

Selama ni, banyak persoalan mengenai apakah sebenarnya laluan graduan DVM ke IPT. Ada yang kata perlu lulus sejarah SPM, ada yang kata perlu kredit BM SPM. Ya, sebelum ni, memang kena lulus sejarah SPM & kredit BM SPM untuk cohort 2013-2016. Namun, sekarang dah tak perlu, buat masa ni untuk IPTA/UA sahaja.

Sila rujuk kepada syarat kredit BM SPM & lulus Sejarah SPM terkini, kriteria tersebut telah DIGUGURKAN, mulai 20 Nov 2019.

* Namun, ia masih bergantung kepada senate universiti masing-masing dan keperluan syarat kemasukan program masing-masing.

Untuk IPTS, nampaknya syarat ini masih terpakai.

laluan graduan DVM ke IPT
Kemasukan ke Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (Unirazak) untuk graduan DVM

Untuk cohort selepas 2016 pula, perlu ada program pengukuhan (Bridging program).

Kelayakan masuk:

1. Lulus Diploma Vokasional Malaysia (DVM)/Diploma Kemahiran Malaysia (DKM)/Diploma Lanjutan Kemahiran Malaysia (DLKM) dengan mendapat sekurang-kurangnya PNGK 2.50 tertakhluk kepada kelulusan Senat/Lembaga Akademik IPTS tersebut ATAU

2. Lulus DVM/DKM/DLKM dengan mendapat sekurang-kurangnya PNGK 2.00 serta sekurang-kurangnya dua (2) tahun pengalaman kerja dalam bidang berkenaan.

Walaupun ini bukan perkara baru, namun masih ada lagi pembaca yg tanya tentang penyetaraan SVM & SPM. Jadi bacalah kenyataan dari KPM ini.
Ingat, graduan KV boleh ambil ijazah Sarjana Muda di IPT dengan 2 keadaan, sila rujuk atas

laluan graduan DVM ke IPT
Laluan graduan DVM ke IPT

Nota: Sekiranya anda ada apa-apa pertanyaan mengenai kemasukan ke IPTA, sila rujuk dengan UPU atau IPTA berkenaan.

Min cuma ada maklumat jika anda berminat untuk sambung belajar di IPTS@Unirazak, KL:

Diploma – Pengurusan, Pendidikan Awal Kanak-Kanak, Perakaunan

Ijazah Sarjana Muda – Perniagaan, Pengurusan, Pendidikan, Pendidikan Awal Kanak-Kanak, Perakaunan (akreditasi CPA), Percukaian & Kepimpinan.

Sekiranya anda tiada DVM, SVM ke SPM tetapi ada SKM sahaja, masih ada peluang melanjutkan ke IPTS.

Program yang layak diambil adalah Diploma Professional & Bachelor Eksekutif Pengurusan Industri / Executive Bachelor in Industrial Management (EBIM) (boleh dibiayai dengan KWSP).

Dan sekiranya anda ada pengalaman kerja, berumur 21 tahun ke atas, juga boleh melanjutkan pelajaran ke ijazah sarjana muda melalui laluan APEL A.

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