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Parents should consider enrolling children in TVET due to continuous growth for engineering jobs

SPAOH: With the continuous growth for engineering employment in Sarawak over the next few years, parents should consider sending their children for technical and vocational education and training (TVET). Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah said it was much easier for those with technical education and training to enter the job markets compared to others, with 500,000 post vacancies in technical and vocational fields were expected in the coming years. “About 97 per cent of community college students in the state were quickly absorbed into the job market upon their graduation,” he said. He said meanwhile, many university students particularly those from open universities remained jobless even years after their graduation because the jobs for their qualifications were not in-demand. He was speaking at the annual “Appreciation and Excellance Awards Day” of the SMK Spaoh here on Saturday. Uggah who is the Minister of Modernisation of Agriculture, Native Land and Regional Development said modern commercial-based agriculture was another field worth going into. “Modern agriculture is no longer land or labour intensive as technology is largely used. “For instance, systems like fertilisation and hydroponics which are precision farming, that does not require large hectares. They are technology driven for farm management and maintenance, resulting in superior quality and quantity and of course income,” he said. These were among the things that the government wanted and planned to promote among the new generation, he added. On another matter, he said parents in the rural areas were encouraged to let their children stayed at the boarding schools which offered more conducive learning environment, free meals while the children were taught proper value of discipline. “They will also have teachers to consult on their weak subjects, which is more convenient and could help them to study better,” he said.

The minister also announced grants totalling RM169,500 for repair, improvement and maintenance of various facilities for the school.

Source: www.nst.com.my