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Klang Valley IPTS License for Sale (Latest Listing)

IPTS license for sale

IPTS license for sale – Klang Valley

IPTS license for sale is another category of education license, besides the TVET/JPK centre. For the latest IPTS/TVET centre for sale, please refer here.

1. Programs

Full Accreditation (FA)

  • Dip Health & Science
  • Dip Nursing
  • Dip Environmental Health
  • Dip in Physiotherapy
  • Foundation in Science

Partial Accreditaiton (PA)

  • Diploma in Childhood Education and Kindergarten Management
  • Diploma in Health Informatics

    This college doesn’t come with premise as the owner is looking at selling the existing building.

Reason for sale: Migrate overseas

Existing students: 100+

2. Programs

  • Diploma in Business Administration – PA (2021)
  • Diploma in Safety & Health – FA
  • Diploma in Building Management – FA

Paid up only 200K, so need to top up to RM1mill
11Ksf rental RM21K+-
30 students left

Reason for sale: Owner not really hands on, couldn’t manage well

Asking price for No. 1 & 2 also same, RM2mil

3. Full facilities for all programs
Renewal in 2025
PTPN available
RM1.3+- million debt

RM3 million (1 IPTS + JPK license)

UPDATE: 29/5 For academic-based program, only left Diploma in English & Accounting

Skills Based – SKM/DKM; Acaemic Based – MQA

4. RM9 million

Diploma in baking
Diploma in culinary art
Diploma in accounting
Diploma in event management
Diploma in international business management
Certificate in international business management

Full facilities for all programs
Renewal in 202?
PTPN available
KDN license

More listings required as there are quite a number of enquiries.

For IPTS license, the moratorium/application freeze is basically still on till 31/12/2020 (belief going to be extended).

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