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Sijil induksi PP-PPD-PPB/PP-PPT/PPL dicetak sendiri mulai 2020

Sampel sijil induksi yang dicetak oleh pihak JPK sebelum ini

Untuk makluman semua, pihak JPK TIDAK AKAN CETAK lagi sijil induksi PP-PPD-PPB, PP-PPT & PPL mulai tahun 2020.
Para peserta dikehendaki untuk cetak sendiri dari www.skkm.gov.my, tulah sebabnya semua peserta perlu daftar dalam sistem dulu, sebaik-baiknya 2 minggu sebelum tarikh kursus kerana perlu masa untuk disemak oleh pihak urusetia.

Anda boleh cetak sijil induksi anda setelah keputusan telah ada (biasanya 1-3 bulan lamanya) dan telah dikemaskini dalam www.skkm.gov.my. Kertas yang digunakan boleh je A4 70gm, 80gm, kadbod…. suka hati andalah.

Adakah ini akan menyebabkan isu sijil palsu berlaku? Ya, mungkin juga pada pendapat min. Jadi, nak tahu betul ke tak, perlu la juga semak dalam sistem skkm.gov.my nanti.

Apa komen anda?

Jangan adu pada admin ya, kami cuma maklumkan sahaja, bukannya pembuat keputusan
Daftar di www.skkm.gov.my untuk Induksi PP-PPT siri T1/02/2020 (ISE Education Sdn Bhd)
Daftar di www.skkm.gov.my untuk Induksi PP-PPD-PPB siri D1/02/2020 (ISE Education Sdn Bhd)

Selain daftar di skkm.gov.my, anda juga kena isi borang permohonan & buat bayaran kepada penganjur sebanyak RM350 atas Maybank 514589385943, ISE Education Sdn Bhd untuk pengesahan tempat.

Bagi yang ingin jadi Pegawai Penilai, pengambilan kursus VTO separa masa juga ada bulan Feb 2020. Daftar cepat sebab lepas ni, pengambilan Julai/Ogos pula.

Komitmen masa anda sebagai calon VTO separa masa:
360 jam: 6 bulan hujung minggu sahaja
720 jam: 6 bulan di PB program kemahiran anda

TVET, a stepchild no more

Students of Politeknik Ungku Omar get hands on training on automotive engineering at the workshop at their campus in Ipoh.

Students of Politeknik Ungku Omar get hands on training on automotive engineering at the workshop at their campus in Ipoh.

A framework has been proposed to address the long-standing problems of our TVET system

A NEW framework for technical and vocational training is in the pipelines.

If approved, the proposal will see a more streamlined, effective, and industry-relevant, Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) system.

Proposed by the National TVET Movement to the Economic Planning Unit last month, the framework aims to address the country’s ailing TVET system.

“Our focus is on upper secondary school students. We want to create a TVET champion.

TVET students being trained to be industry-ready. — File photo

TVET students being trained to be industry-ready. — File photo

“We want students to have better access to choices between academics and something more hands-on like TVET. This is what’s happening in other countries,” said Ahmad Tajudin, who recently retired as the Education Ministry deputy director-general.

Among those part of the Movement are the Federation of Human Resources Ministry’s Department of Skills Development (JPK) Accredited Centres (FeMac), National Council of Professors, and the National Parent-Teacher Associations’ Vocational and Technical Consultative Council.

For too long, TVET has been the “troubled stepchild” of the education system, he said.

This framework tackles long-standing problems like the:

> Overlapping of programmes and certifications;

> Misguided focus on post-secondary TVET students instead of upper secondary students;

> Existence of multiple accreditation bodies and agencies implementing TVET;

> High operations cost resulting from the many ministries involved;

> Weak policies; and

> Private TVET providers being treated as competitors.

“All TVET institutions should be streamlined, rationalised, and consolidated, under the Education Ministry.

“This ensures that teachers and trainers are better taken care of under one scheme of service. And, there won’t be a need to close down any institutions if all facilities and resources are under one roof,” he said, adding that it would also be more cost effective for the Government while ensuring smoother communication between the industry and institutions.

Other reforms proposed by the Movement include:

> Reducing existing certifications to an important few;

> Having a single accreditation body for TVET;

> Establishing two educational pathways for students to choose from;

> Allowing industries to take the lead;

> Enhancing TVET apprenticeship programmes based on models from other developed countries; and

> Formulating policies and legislations to enhance careers in TVET.

Greater emphasis, and an overview, of TVET implementation is needed, Ahmad Tajudin said.

There should be training provisions to facilitate contributions from private TVET providers, and there must be closer collaboration between the industry and these providers.

“Our TVET system needs stronger institutional coordination, and greater transparency among the multiple public agencies.

“TVET restructuring is a small part of a holistic solution, but it’s a start to the reform,” he said, adding that strong political will from the Government was crucial to ensure the country’s TVET success.

Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik said the Government would continue enhancing the capabilities of TVET institutions and systems to remain competitive and meet industry demands.

Speaking during his annual new year address in Serdang on Monday, he said the ministry would implement a harmonised accreditation and quality assurance system to enable student mobility in TVET institutions, which includes the Malaysian Technical University Network (MTUN).

The launch of Limkokwing TVET International, a TVET Malaysia Training Centre at Limkokwing University.MOHD SAHAR MISNI/The Star

The launch of Limkokwing TVET International, a TVET Malaysia Training Centre at Limkokwing University.MOHD SAHAR MISNI/The Star

MTUN, he said, should move in the direction of Fachhochschule – Germany’s tertiary education institution specialising in topical areas.

MTUN, he added, shouldn’t be evaluated solely based on publications, but also on the ability of the graduates produced to solve technical issues.

He said the ministry plans to increase the quality and delivery of TVET by enabling the industry to lead the curriculum development, avoid overlapping of programmes and resources, improve cost effectiveness, and widen the funding to increase enrolment.

He said the ministry was also in the midst of addressing recognition issues involving controversial vocational colleges.

He assured polytechnics and community colleges that they wouldn’t be sidelined in the reform process.

“To ensure the employability of our graduates, closer collaboration between these institutions and the industry – especially with the big players – will be prioritised,” he said, adding that these were part of the ministry’s efforts in making sure that TVET, polytechnics, vocational colleges, and community colleges, are no longer seen as second choice options.

In June last year, Dr Maszlee appointed Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar to chair a special TVET task force.

The duties of the task force, said Dr Maszlee, was to conduct research across all ministries that provide TVET education and training, and recommend how the country’s TVET system can be improved. This includes a review of TVET education and training laws, and the possibility of a TVET commission.

However, the TVET industry was left reeling following Nurul Izzah’s resignation as PKR vice president on Dec 17, and her decision to no longer serve the federal government in any capacity.

“We’ll continue advocating for a sustainable and effective TVET implementation,” said Ahmad Tajudin.

Source: www.thestar.com.my

Comment: It’s good that the Ministry has identified the weaknesses & looking to implement the reforms (personally, I see that our TVET sector would soar to much greater heights compared to now, if reforms are implemented effectively & correctly).

But I have a doubt whether they would reform this particular weakness – Private TVET providers being treated as competitors.

It seems that there are plans to gradually “KILL” the private TVET providers based on their proposed plans (hearsay, so take it with a pinch of salt).

These include but not limited to:

1) Closing all TVET providers that are 2 stars and below after the impending 2019 star rating process (as early as March 2019). It generally affects the smaller private TVET providers who has very limited resources (manpower & finances) vs the public TVET institutions.
2) Closing/revoke Vocational Training Operation (VTO) programme of any private TVET institutions that has does not meet a min of 4 stars and above for that particular programme. Eventually, it would be just offered by the multiple satellite campuses of CIAST, nationwide,
3) Restrict the organising of the JPK’s various induction courses (PP-PPD-PPB, PP-PPT, PPL) to only  CIAST satellite campuses, nationwide.
4) and BEYOND – perhaps you can comment if you think what they are doing/planning to do is gonna KILL the private TVET providers.

CONsultant or Consultant? My experience in the TVET sector

Just a quick sharing.

Yesterday, I had a meet up with another ex-public listed company, interested to purchase a TVET/JPK Accredited centre and/or MQA approved college license.

Guess what? A previous CONsultant tried to push them to purchase an MQA approved college license for RM5 million (not a hefty amount provided it has quite a few good programs & with KDN license with clean records). However, when pushed for more details from the potential buyer, the CONsultant started making stories that does not jive, hence the potential buyer has some reservations. When pushed further for process flow, the CONsultant came out with proposing them SKM/DKM via PPT method at a really hefty figure (5 digits/candidate!), without really probing what the customer actually wanted.

Now, I have this challenge to propose to the company on how they can achieve what they want but hey, it’s a good problem to have. If I can help them to achieve what they wanted, I’m sure I’ll be rewarded appropriately (not necessarily handomely though :-P)

Another case happened just last month. Another CONsultant proposed to sell his SLDN training centre (3-4 programs if not mistaken) for RM500K. Not sure what’s so valuable about the license but anyway he managed to convinced the potential buyer (to me, I wouldn’t even pay RM50K for that!). Unfortunately for the CONsultant, he made a very BIG MISTAKE, not sure it’s by choice or it was just plain silly. He asked to be paid in cash, no cheques, no bank accounts transfer, no receipts to be produced. WTF! Where on earth would a buyer agree to this kind of agreement? Even buying fruits for RM2 at fruit stalls along PLUS Hentian are given receipts!

And I really got a shock when a kursus induksi which cost only RM350 (maximum course fees chargeable, in case you are still unaware) was quoted at 6 times more! And because of the CONsultant’s greed (did not pay me & lied saying he wasn’t paid & fooled by the client – despite the client made the inflated payments to him), I had no choice but to go after the client directly for the payment. Well, you should know what’s the ending for the CONsultant.

Moral of the above 2 REAL LIFE stories:

1. Be knowledgable in your area if you really WANT to consult someone on that area, otherwise, be upfront & frank with your client that you’re working with an associate and NEVER pretend that you know everything despite KNOWING NOTHING about it as clients may sometimes be more knowledgable than you in that area if you’re not the EXPERT! You may not be lucky to be able to CON all the way, just like the Malay proverb:
Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya akan jatuh ke tanah juga

2. Be as transparent as possible with your clients, they will appreciate it.

3. GOD will reward you if you work hard & genuinely.

4. DON’t MESS UP with TVET Malaysia@I Smart Educare, we will go after what we’re supposed to get

5. Consultants (individuals or companies) that agrees everything that you requested as easy as ABC, especially without much thinking, should give you an ALARM! Don’t fall into the trap. Probe further on the Consultants past track records, check up for any info on the web (just Google the company or person, if not much web presences or many negative comments about the Consultant, that’s another ALARM!), testimonials and etc.

With that, I hope you will not be the next victim to such CONsultant!

And should you need any advice on TVET matters especially related to JPK/SKM/VTO/Induction course, feel free to call/whatsapp (pls introduce yourself, who you are, what you want to know, in details) or email us at:
012-3123430 or ismarteducare @ gmail.com

Kursus Induksi PP-PPD & PPL bulan Sept

Salam kemahiran,

Berikut adalah butiran untuk pelbagai kursus yang akan datang di KL/Sel/Johor

Tarikh: 22-23 Sept
Tempat: I Smart Educare, Kepong, KL

Tarikh: 29-30 Sept* (pra-syarat kena lulus induksi PP-PPD-PPB)
Tempat: UniKL-MIAT, Sepang

Semua kursus adalah dari 8.30-5pm
Yuran: RM350 + 10 (caj pos sijil)
Bank: Maybank 514589385943, ISE Education Sdn Bhd
Sila muat turun & isi Borang Permohonan KIP-01 (PP-PPD/PP-PPT/PPL)Setelah isi borang, sila emel bersama slip bayaran ke ismarteducare @ gmail.com untuk pengesahan tempat anda.

Syarat Asas Perlantikan Sebagai Pengajar Vokasional (Selain VTO) di Pusat Bertauliah JPK

Ya, ramai yang selalu tanya apakah syarat ambil VTO sebab nak jadi pengajar.
Tapi rasanya ramai juga yang tidak tahu bahawa selain kelayakan sijil VTO, dua lagi sijil yang diperlukan untuk dilantik sebagai pengajar vokasional  (biasanya Pegawai Penilai juga) adalah:1) Sijil induksi PP-PPD-PPB (memahami Sistem Persijilan Kemahiran Malaysia) – kursus 2 hari
2) Sijil SKM bidang kemahiran anda (cth elektrikal, automotif, kulinari, pendidikan awal kanak-kanak dsbgnya)

Tempoh sijil induksi anda dah tamat?
Bagi yang dah ada sijil induksi PP-PPD-PPB pula, tahukah anda ia ada tempoh tamat jika tak dilantik? (tak dilantik dlm tempoh 3 tahun sejak lulus induksi – jika anda lulus dlm tempoh Mac-Julai 2015)
Berikut adalah jadual tarikh kursus induksi yang dianjurkan oleh I Smart Educare.
Tarikh: 7-8 Julai
Tempat: Kolej New Era, KajangTarikh: 28-29 Julai
Tempat: UniKL MIAT, Sepang

1. Kiranya nak jadi PB-PPT, kena ada penyelaras PPT yg telah ikuti kursus induksi PP-PPT
2. Kiranya nak dilantik jadi PP-PPT bidang kemahiran anda (dah ada SKM & >10 thn pengalaman kerja)
3. Kiranya dah baca Panduan Permohonan SKM melalui PPT tapi masih tak tahu lagi macam mana nak mula
Tarikh: 11-12 Ogos
Tempat: I Smart Educare, Kepong

PPL (Syarat Tambahan – perlu lulus induksi PP-PPD-PPB dulu, selain SKM & pengalaman kerja >10 tahun)
1. Kiranya nak jadi PPL (ketua pengawas pemeriksaan akhir ke Pusat Bertauliah JPK, panel semasa lawatan permohonan/pembaharuan oleh PB)
Tarikh: 4-5 Ogos
Tempat: I Smart Educare, Kepong
Masa: 8.30-5pm
Yuran: RM350+10 (caj pos sijil)* termasuk nota, minum pagi, makan tengah hari & sijil dari JPK
Bayaran atas nama: ISE Education Sdn Bhd, Maybank 514589385943Tunggu apa lagi jika takda sijil diatas tapi minat untuk jadi pengajar vokasional/PP-PPT ataupun PPL?

Muat turun borang disini
Lepas isi & buat bayaran, sila emel slip bayaran serta borang permohonan anda ke ismarteducare@gmail.com

Kursus Induksi PPL bulan Feb (1 sesi sahaja di Malaysia bulan Februari)

Siapa yang patut hadir?
a) Calon Pegawai Pengesah Luaran
b) Calon Pegawai Pengesah luaran SLDN
c) PP-PPT yang ingin dilantik sebagai PPL-PPT
d) Individu yang terlibat dengan pengendalian Pusat Bertauliah
Kenapa perlu hadir?
a) Memenuhi syarat untuk menjadi PPL
b)Memahami tugas dan tanggungjawab PPL

a) 18 tahun ke atas
b) Warganegara Malaysia atau PR
c) Telah lulus kursus induksi PP-PPD

Faedah kursus kepada peserta

Berpengetahuan mengenai Pentauliahan Persijilan melalui konsep Persijilan & Sistem Latihan Dual Nasioan (SLDN).
Peningkatan kelayakan personel untuk pembangunan kerjaya
Dapat menyediakan panduan & motivasi kepada masyarakat dan organisasi dalam aspek pembangunan & penilaian Pusat Bertauliah.

Berpeluang menjadi Tenaga pakar Industri Negara (DPIN)
Persijilan yang diiktiraf oleh pihak Awam & Swasta

Faedah kursus kepada organisasi

-Mempunyai aset dalam aspek jaminan mutu pentauliahan Pusat Bertauliah
-Mempunyai personel yang berkelayakan & diiktiraf
Kualiti Pusat Bertauliah dan daya saing dapat ditingkatkan

Untuk pengesahan tempat anda, sila isi borang permohonan yg boleh dimuat turun dari sini, kemudian emel kembali bersama slip bayaran ke ismarteducare@gmail.com.

Butiran Bank: I Smart Educare, Maybank 514589203020
Yuran: RM350 + 10 (caj pengeposan sijil)

Kursus lain:
1) VTO: Mac/April 18 di Kepong, Miri & Ipoh
2) Induksi PP-PPD pada 3-4 Mac 18 di Kepong
3) Induksi PP-PPT pada 24-25 Mac 18 di Kepong
Induksi PP-PPT pada 7-8 April di Johor