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Riding on pandemic recovery with college license for sale in Malaysia (with KDN)

College for Sale in Malaysia

Are you looking for college for sale in Malaysia? You may or may not be aware, there is still a moratorium on new college license application until 31/12/2020 (definitely going to be extended).

So, if you still believe that the Malaysian higher education business is viable and profitable business, now is the time to act upon (purchasing a college or college license)

As you know, foreign students except those from the United Kingdom, will be allowed to return to their respective university campuses here in Malaysia for the 2021 academic year.

Senior Minister (Security) Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said yesterday that the National Security Council has agreed with a proposal from the Higher Education Ministry for international students to be physically present at campuses for the 2021 session.

“They must ensure all the necessary things for their stay here first. The normal Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) will apply to them. The students must take a Covid-19 swab test three days before departing for Malaysia. Once they arrive at our airports, they must take another swab test. If the test results are negative, they will be sent to quarantine centres to observe a 10-day mandatory quarantine. The cost for testing and quarantine is to paid for by the students”

Senior Minister (Security Cluster) Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob
College for sale in Malaysia - by ISE Education



  1. RM1.3 Million (lock stock & barrel)


  1. Diploma in Entrepreneurship
  2. Certificate in English
  3. Diploma in Policing and Investigation
  4. Foundation in Science 
  • MONTHLY OVERHEAD (estimation) : RM50K (including premise rental)

Reason for sale: Owner needs to focus on other business

2. RM2 Million

Programs (FA):
Diploma in Safety & Health
Diploma in Building Management

Programs (PA):
Diploma in Business Administration

  • Paid up only 200K, so need to top up to RM1mill (part of RM2M deal)
  • 11Ksf rental RM21K+-
  • 30 students left

Reason for sale: Owner not really hands on, couldn’t manage well

3. RM5 million (SUPERB LOCATION – KL City Centre)

Programs (FA):
ACCA Qualification (ACCA)
Diploma in Business Administration
Certificate in English

Programs (PA)
Diploma in Early Childhood Education
Foundation In Business
Certified Accounting Technician (CAT)

400-500 students
Rental & Staff salary – to be discussed

KDN license renewed in Dec 2020 (NEW)

Reason for sale: Focus on other business

College (IPTS) with TVET (JPK) license for sale

College for sale in Malaysia - near MRT station
Less than 5 minutes walk to the to be completed MRT station

1. RM2.x Million + RM1.3++ million debt (1 IPTS + 1 JPK license)

SUPERB LOCATION – Just opposite MRT (to be completed in 2021/22)
Within to shopping mall
Full facilities for all programs
Renewal in 2025
PTPTN available
KDN license pending approval (inspection done in Dec 2020)

Academic program: Diploma in English & Accounting
Skills (SKM/DKM) programs:
1) Certitifate & Diploma in Office Administration and
2) Certitifate & Diploma in Computer System

More Listings of college of sale in Malaysia WANTED – We receive enquiries every now and then, if you college for sale (IPTS or JPK), kindly contact www.wasap.my/60123123430/sellcollege

1. For IPTS license, you can only acquire from existing ones as there’s a moratorium on the establishment of private higher learning institutions until Dec 31, 2020. However, looking at this year’s COVID-19 situation, it would likely be extended again, after being extended for 3 years in 2017.

2. For JPK (TVET) license, there are 2 options.

a. If you’re looking at just training own staffs and offering SKM or plan to do a placement at industries to earn your revenue, then you should go for SLDN training centre.

b. If you’re planning to run like a college/institution collecting tuition fees as your main revenue, then applying to be a JPK Accredited Centre (Pusat Bertauliah) is the way to go. Buying an existing one has its benefits:
1. Everything necessary for the accreditation is already there;
a. Written Instruction Material
b. Tools, Equipment & Materials (TEM)
c. Certified personnel (PPB, PPD & PP)
2. The one year wait for registration with Perbadanan Tabung Pembangunan Kemahiran (PTPK) is usually over. Some even come with PTPK quota.
3. If you want to bring in international students, you also need to have a track record of local students enrollment before you can apply for the PB Antarabangsa license (with KDN license).

Nevertheless, I strongly advise that you only acquire one if you:
1. Want less hassle and
2. Need PTPK or PB Antarabangsa license OR
3. Plan to continue to offer the existing program(s) that has been accredited (you may add on new programs though)
4. Plan to operate from an existing location or new premise but within the same state (NOT ALLOWED to shift to another state, say WPKL to Selangor)

After going through the above checklist and still found nothing suitable, then you have got to apply JPK Accredited Centre (Pusat Bertauliah JPK) from scratch.
Whatsapp or call me for a no-obligation consultation, AFTER you have read on how to apply JPK Accredited Centre post.