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Kulasegaran: All vocational training centres should be under one ministry to avoid redundancy

Human Resources minister M. Kulasegaran (centre) being briefed by Industrial Training Institute personnel on the air-conditioning course available at the centre. - SAIFUL BAHRI/The Star

Human Resources minister M. Kulasegaran (centre) being briefed by Industrial Training Institute personnel on the air-conditioning course available at the centre. – SAIFUL BAHRI/The Star

IPOH: The Human Resources Ministry will suggest to the Cabinet to standardise and park all the vocational skills training centres under one ministry.

Its Minister M. Kulasegaran said there are many such centres parked under different ministries and he hoped that this can be changed to eliminate redundancy.

“The overlapping must stop, why must there be competition between ministries?” he asked.

“It’s all under one family. I will submit a paper to the Cabinet to standardise it,” he told reporters after visiting the Industrial Training Institute here on Sunday (June 3).

Kulasegaran was commenting on the need for the standardisation, as some skills training centres also come under the Education and Youth and Sports Ministries.

Kulasegaran said such practices started in the 1990s and must be stopped.

“We don’t want competition between ministries.

“We want to compete with the private entrepreneurs and with other countries to be the best in the world. That should be the way,” he said.

Source: www.thestar.com.my

Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand agree on sharing job market information

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand agree on sharing job market information via online service in order to reduce illegal migrant workers coming to the countries.

“The information sharing on job market helps the three countries to fill the sub regional job markets. Hopefully, the migrant workers will be distributed well according to job availability,” the Head of International Cooperation Bureau at the Indonesian Manpower Ministry, Indah Anggoro Putri, said here on Wednesday.

The agreement was initiated at the sixth Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) meeting on human resources development in Jakarta on September 7.

IMT-GT is a sub regional economic cooperation which was established in 1993. It has a strategic role in improving development in border areas among the three countries.

There are ten provinces in Sumatra belonging to IMT-GT members.

Earlier, the information sharing has also been delivered by the Indonesian Minister of Manpower, M Hanif Dhakiri, at the Colombo Process Forum (Associations of Migrant Workers Sending Countries in Asia) in Sri Lanka in the end of August 2016.

The online job market information sharing provides an opportunity for the sending countries of migrant workers to prepare their labor force according to the needs in the destination countries.

Indah added in addition to the exchange of labor market information, Indonesia also proposed cooperation which involves vocational training centers in three countries.

In this regard, Indonesia refers the centers in Aceh, Medan (North Sumatra) and Padang (West Sumatra) to collaborate directly with those in Malaysia and Thailand without having to involve government bureaucracy.

The vocational cooperation covers areas of expertise which is required by labor markets.

“Thus, there will be no gap in skills among Indonesian, Malaysias and Thailand workers,” she added.

In the forum, Malaysia proposed cooperation on capacity building and human resource development in tourism industry and training in the field of computer networking technology.

Meanwhile, the Thailand delegation proposed cooperation in competency and skill standards workshops.

“The skills are for spa therapists, in welding and shipping logistics,” Indah said.

The three countries agree to immediately prepare a blueprint for the implementation of the cooperation agreement.