Kursus Induksi JPK (PP-PPD-PPB, PP-PPT, PPL)

JPK Induction Course / Kursus Induksi JPK

JPK Induction Course consists of – PP-PPD-PPB, PP-PPT & PPL
Kursus Induksi JPK terdiri dari – PP-PPD-PPB, PP-PPT & PPL

kursus induksi JPK

1. Kursus Induksi PP-PPD-PPB/induction course

Objectives / Objektif:

  • Introduce and give an understanding of Malaysian Skill Certification System / Memperkenalkan dan memberi pemahaman mengenai Sistem Persijilan Kemahiran Malaysia (SPKM)
  • Compulsory for each JPK Accredited Centre (Pusat Bertauliah)  personnel (PP, PPD or PPB) before appointment as Accredited personnel / Syarat wajib dihadiri oleh setiap personel Pusat Bertauliah sebelum dilantik sebagai Personel Pentauliahan

PP – Pegawai Penilai (Assessor)
Usually the trainer, also need min SKM3 & VTO qualifications.
Biasanya tenaga pengajar, juga perlu minimum SKM3 & VTO

PPD – Pegawai Pengesah Dalaman (Internal Verifier)
Usually, the head of a program/supervisor to the trainer also needs min SKM3 qualification.
Biasanya, ketua program/penyelia pengajar. Juga memerlukan min SKM3.

PPB – Pengurus Pusat Bertauliah (Centre Manager)
The chief intermediary between Pusat Bertauliah and JPK officers, managing the centre.
Personel yang mengurus PusatBertauliah, pegawai utama yang berurusan dengan pegawai JPK

2. Kursus Induksi PP-PPT/induction course

Objectives / Objektif:

  • Introduce and give an understanding of Malaysian Skill Certification System implementation via PPT / Memperkenalkan dan memberi pemahaman mengenai pelaksanaan Sistem Persijilan Kemahiran Malaysia (SPKM) melalui PPT
  • Roles and responsibilities of personnel in the implementation of PPT / Peranan dan tanggungjawab personel dalam pelaksanaan PPT

PP-PPT: Pegawai Penilai-PPT (Assessor for PPT system)

Must have SKM, usually min 10 years of industry experience & PP-PPT Induction course cert

Mesti ada SKM, lazimnya ada min 10 tahun pengalaman idustri & sijil induksi PP-PPT

PPL-PPT: Pegawai Pengesah Luaran-PPT (Verifier for PPT system)

NO PPL-PPT induction course to attend. Can apply after:
2 years as PP-PPT OR signed 30 portfolios as PP-PPT, whichever comes first.
Must have SKM, usually min 10 years of industry experience & PP-PPD-PPB, PP-PPT & PPL Induction course cert.

Tiada kursus induksi PPL-PPT untuk dihadiri, boleh mohon setelah:
2 tahun berkhidmat sebagai PP-PPT atau menandatangani 30 portfolio sebagai PP-PPT, yang mana dulu
Mesti ada SKM, lazimnya ada min 10 tahun pengalaman industri & sijil induksi PP-PPT

3. Kursus Induksi PPL/induction course

Objectives / Objektif:

  • Give an understanding of Malaysian Skill Certification System / Memberi pemahaman mengenai Sistem Persijilan Kemahiran Malaysia
  • Roles and responsiblities as PPL / Memberi kefahaman peranan dan tanggungjawab sebagai PPL
  • Fulfill the appointment criteria as PPL for JPK Accredited centre & SLDN porgram / Memenuhi syarat lantikan sebagai PPL bagi program di Pusat Bertauliah & Program SLDN

Jadual Kursus Induksi JPK 2020

Kursus Induksi PP-PPD 2020:
1. 3-4 Oct (New Era Uni College, Kajang) – (Almost FULL as of 16/9/2020)
2. 10-11 Oct (Vangohh Eminent Hotel, BM, Penang)
3. 24-25 Oct (ISBAUK College, Kepong, Brem Mall)

Kursus Induksi PPL: 17-18 Okt 2020 (ISBAUK College, Kepong, Brem Mall)
(must pass PP-PPD-PPB induction course first)

Kursus Induksi PP-PPT 2020:  Nov-Dec

Fee: RM350/pax only
Limited to 40pax only
Please fill up the form downloaded from here Borang Permohonan Kursus Induksi Pentauliahan (PP-PPD/PP-PPT/PPL) & email back to us at ismarteducare @ gmail.com

2020 Schedule (Subject to changes & additional sessions upon request by colleges/institutions)

15-16 Feb (Done)
21-22 March (Postpone to July due to MCO)
25-26 April (Postpone to Aug due to MCO)
15-16 July (Done)
15-16 Aug (Done)
12-13 Sept (Done)
3-4 Oct (Intake in progress – almost full)
10-11 Oct (Vangohh Eminent Hotel, Penang)
24-25 Oct (Intake in progress)
End Oct/Nov – Kota Kinabalu

8-9 Feb (Done)
8-9 Aug (Done)
Nov/Dec – TBC

28-29 March (Postpone to July 25-26 due to MCO)
25-26 July (Done)
17-18 Oct – (Intake in progress)

* Venue: Kepong (unless special request for in-house session. We have conducted in Miri, Kulim, Penang, Ipoh, Kuantan, Melaka, JB, Kuala Selangor, Shah Alam, PJ, Pudu,   

Fees: RM350 (include morning tea break & lunch, notes & cert from JPK)
Bank: Maybank 514589385943, ISE Education Sdn Bhd.

* No refund if participants can’t make it last minute.
It is the organizer’s discretion to allow for transfer to other courses/services offered by ISE Education Sdn Bhd. 

If you’re not from KL/Selangor/NS and would like to possibly attend it at your own state, kindly fill up the form below. We will try to arrange for a course nearest to you, if we have enough numbers (min 15 outside Klang Valley)

Who should attend? / Siapa yang patut hadir?

a) JPK Accredited Centre Personnels / Calon Personel Pusat Bertauliah:
i) Assessor / Pegawai Penilai (PP)
ii) Internal Verifier / Pegawai Pengesah Dalaman (PPD)
iii) Centre Manager / Pengurus Pusat Bertauliah (PPB)

b) Individuals that’s involved with managing the JPK Accredited Centre / Individu yang terlibat dengan pengendalian Pusat Bertauliah

c) External Verifer candidate (need to pass PP-PPD-PPB induction course first / Calon Pegawai Pengesah Luaran (PPL) (kena lulus kursus induksi PP-PPD-PPB sebelum ikuti induksi PPL) – Need to attend PPL Induction Course

d) Assessor for PPT method candidate / Calon Pegawai Penilai-PPT (PP-PPT) – Need to attend PP-PPT induction course

e) Candidates who wish to know more about how to apply SKM via PPT, types of evidences for portfolio development etc / Calon yang ingin mengetahui dengan lebih lanjut cara permohonan SKM melalui PPT, jenis-jenis bukti yang perlu untuk pembangunan portfolio dsbgnya – Need to attend PP-PPT induction course

f) Accredited Centre that intend to apply to be a PB-PPT centre / PB yang ingin mohon jadi PB-PPT – the PPT Co-ordinator need to attend PP-PPT induction course

g) Individual that is interested with the Malaysia Skills Certification System / Individu yang berminat dalam Sistem Persijilan Kemahiran Malaysia (SPKM)    

Benefits / Kebaikan:

a) Certificate issued by Department of Skill Development (DSD) / Sijil Kehadiran dikeluarkan oleh JPK dan diiktiraf kerajaan.

b) Facilitators from experienced JPK/CIAST officers / Kursus induksi JPK mestilah dikendalikan oleh pegawai JPK / CIAST yang berpengalaman

c) Organised by the most consistent, reliable & trustworthy organiser (this is extremely important as some organisers frequently postpone dates of the course, accepting unqualified candidates leading to non-certification of the candidate etc. / Dianjur oleh penganjur yang paling konsisten & dipercayai orang ramai (ni sangat penting kerana ada sesetengah penganjur yang kerap tunda kursus, terima calon yang tidak layak menyebabkan sijil tak dapat dsbgnya)

General entrance requirement / Syarat-syarat umum penyertaan:

1. Malaysian aged 18 to 65 / Warganegara Malaysia berumur 18 hingga 65
2. Permanent Resident / Warga Tetap
3. Additional requirement for PPL Induction course: Passed PP-PPD-PPB induction course / Syarat tambahan induksi PPL – lulus induksi PP-PPD-PPB

Borang Tunjuk Minat Kursus Induksi PP-PPD-PPB/PP-PPT/PPL/VTO

For further enquiry, kindly contact/whatsapp: Melvin Lim@012-3123430
Untuk keterangan lanjut, whatsapp/hubungi: Nora@Tel: 03-27819937/98.