TVET/JPK Centres for Sale

Where do you find TVET/JPK Centres for Sale in Malaysia? Of course over here, Malaysia’s No 1 TVET resource site.

TVET/JPK centres for sale
Table above shows what kind of info that you can get for free and fees payable for more detailed or top secret info, that enables you to kickstart your venture into the growing TVET education sector.

An example of FREE basic info for a TVET centre currently for SALE would be:

Name of program(s):
1. Tour Guide (HT-023-3:2012)
License expiry: Jan 2021
Registration with PTPK: NO
Selling price: Below RM100K
Location: KL town

Should you need further info as listed in the above table (or any other info that you may want to know), a refundable commitment fee is applicable should it lead to a successful sales & purchase of this TVET/JPK centre license*

The buyer would need to fulfil JPK’s Accreditation main requirement from the perspective of:
1. Tools, Equipments & Materials (TEM)
2. Written Instructional Material (WIM)
3. Personnel’s qualifications (PP, PPD & PPB)

especially when a shift of premise is required or new programs are to be applied in addition to the existing ones. We can offer consultancy service to add new programs but are not responsible for the failure should the new owner fail to adhere to JPK’s accreditation requirements.

Email or call/WhatsApp 012-3123430 to kickstart your acquisition of TVET/JPK centre (enquiry on TVET/JPK centres for sale) NOW.
If you have any specific program or state in mind, kindly let us know so that we can introduce to you what’s on offer that suits your need.

Alternatively, you may apply for a new accredited TVET/JPK centre.
First, identify the program you want to run by referring to the
NOSS directory.
Next, either attend the PP-PPD induction course yourself or together with all your trainers to understand the whole system and application process. This certification is COMPULSORY as part of the personnel’s requirement. If after attending the induction course you still have questions or want to appoint us to get your centre accredited, just let us know and we will help you to achieve your objective.