NDTS (National Dual Training System) / SLDN (Sistem Latihan Dual Nasional)


NDTS/SLDN is an industry-oriented training program that combines workplace and institutional training.

School leavers or existing workers who meet the criteria can be offered as apprentices by a sponsoring company to undergo training.

A contract is signed between the company and the apprentices prior to the training. Apprentices are given a certain amount of allowance throughout the training by the company and are obliged to work with the company upon completion if they are offered employment.

The hands-on training is conducted continuously and the apprentice is expected to get through the assessment as well as the final test which will be conducted at the end of the training programme. Successful apprentices will be awarded the national skills qualification by the Department of Skills Development (DSD).


Participating in NDTS is an appropriate decision for every enterprise to make, in order to ensure that apprentices are trained to become k-workers for the development of human capital to steer Malaysia to become a developed nation by the year 2020.

With NDTS in place, Malaysia’s growth is well on its way towards an industry-driven skilled workforce development approach. The opportunity to be a part of NDTS not only enhances corporate performance but also represents a commitment to investment in human resources.

All companies and business enterprises are welcomed to participate and implement the NDTS. The system is established for company interest and benefit.

Department of Skills Development as the coordinating body will provide assistance and guidance to ensure that the company can participate in the system.

Time Frame The duration is based on the scope and level of certification
Practical-theory ratio 70 – 80 % Practical training in real work situations
30 – 20 % Related theory classes at training centers
Delivery Method Day Release System
-For example for a four-day practical training in companies, followed by one day class theory at training center.
Block Release System ( if necessary)
-For example 3-4 months, followed by practical training1-4 weeks of class-related theories.
Trainer SPM and / or employees working and selected by the company. The Company is not obligated to offer employment after completion of training
Training Allowance
(If training is carried out in 2 years )
Semester 1 – RM 350.00 Monthly
Semester 2 – RM 400.00 Monthly
Semester 3 – RM 450.00 Monthly
Semester 4 – RM 500.00 Monthly
Awarding Qualifications Certificate K-workers, equivalent to SKM Level 3 qualification or DKM (Level 4) or DLKM (Level 5) approved by the DSD and related employer organizations.

The NDTS is adopted from Germany with its industry-oriented training concept is deemed superior to institutional-based training because:

i.        Minimize mismatch (quality and quantity) between the companies’ requirement and skilled workforce development through demand-driven orientation.

ii.        Training is based on the work process approach under actual work conditions

iii.        The need for continuous technological advancement.

iv.        Minimize dependence on foreign workers.

v.        Increase the speed of transferring technology by providing training in the actual working environment

vi.        Inculcates positive training culture in companies, especially in SMEs.

Source: www.dsd.gov.my
Click here for 2020 NDTS/SLDN induction course schedule 

If you are searching for TVET/skills courses to learn formally, especially school leavers/early leavers, in an institution, please visit here.

If you need information or consultation to set up:
1. SLDN centre:  whatsapp us at 012-3123430/SLDN 
2. TVET/JPK accredited centre: whatsapp us at 012-3123430/JPKAC 

NDTS Induction Course

Successful candidates would obtain NDTS Induction Course cert and can apply for recognition certification as accredited personnel (PPKSPP). PPKSPP is a certification given to Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK) Accredited Centre (AC) personnel that is responsible in the management, guidance, supervision and assessment of trainees at NDTS Accredited Centre (AC).

Wish to be NDTS Trainer or Coach?

NDTS Induction Course is COMPULSORY for NDTS personnels to be appointed as manager, co-ordinator, coach or NDTS training centre’s trainer.
It is to be attended before you can conduct NDTS training in NDTS AC.
You would be given a comprehensive explanation on the concepts and execution of NDTS. Other courses needed to be attended by NDTS personnels appointed after NDTS Induction Course are NDTS Coach Training Programme for NDTS coaches (in NDTS company) and NDTS Trainer Training Programme for NDTS AC’s trainers.

Advantages of Obtaining NDTS Induction Cert

– Qualified to apply for NDTS Accredited Centre
– Qualified to place NDTS trainees in your company
– Appointment as NDTS AC Centre Manager
– Appointment as NDTS Trainer in NDTS AC
– Appointment as NDTS Industrial Coach
– Appointment as NDTS External Verifier @ Pegawai Pengesah Luaran PPL-SLDN

Kursus Induksi SLDN

Peserta kursus yang berjaya menamatkan kursus ini akan memperolehi Sijil Kursus Induksi SLDN dan boleh memohon perakuan pengiktirafan kelayakan sebagai personel pentauliahan (PPKSPP). PPKSPP merupakan perakuan yang diberi kepada personel Pusat Bertauliah (PB) Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran yang bertanggungjawab dalam pengurusan latihan kemahiran, membimbing, menyelia dan menilai pelatih/perantus di Pusat Bertauliah SLDN.

Ingin Menjadi Pengajar atau Jurulatih SLDN?

Kursus Induksi SLDN ini merupakan suatu keperluan kepada personel SLDN yang dilantik samada sebagai pengurus, penyelaras,coach mahupun pengajar pusat bertauliah SLDN. Kursus ini merupakan kursus asas yang WAJIB dihadiri oleh semua personel SLDN sebelum menjalankan program latihan SLDN di Pusat Bertauliah. Peserta kursus akan diberi penerangan secara komprehensif  mengenai konsep dan pelaksanaan SLDN. Kursus-kursus lain yang perlu dihadiri oleh personel SLDN yang dilantik selepas Kursus Induksi SLDN ini ialah kursus NDTS Coach Training Programme untuk jurulatih SLDN dan kursus NDT Trainer Training Programme untuk pengajar pusat latihan SLDN.

Kelebihan Memiliki Sijil Induksi SLDN

– Layak membuka Pusat Bertauliah SLDN
– Layak menempatkan pelatih SLDN di syarikat anda
– Lantikan sebagai Pengurus Pusat Bertauliah SLDN
– Lantikan sebagai Pengajar Pusat Latihan SLDN
– Lantikan sebagai Coach Industri SLDN
– Lantikan sebagai Pegawai Pengesah Luaran PPL-SLDN

NDTS Induction Course/Kursus Induksi SLDN

Date/Tarikh: 9 Jan 2021
Time/Masa: 8.30-5pm
Venue/Tempat: ISBAUK College, Brem Mall, Kepong, KL
Fees/Yuran: RM200/pax (Min15, max 25)

www.wasap.my/60163066096/Induksi SLDN 9Jan